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Alternatives Are Mandatory
Customized staffing to support your project success

In the dynamic landscape of the entertainment industry, DICO recognizes the importance of establishing a robust production system that seamlessly integrates in-house expertise with a carefully curated blend of dispatched staff. This realization has led us to offer staffing services.

Our strength lies in delivering adaptable staffing solutions tailored to the intricate demands of project-based endeavors, supported by a cadre of highly skilled contingent professionals. We excel at swiftly adapting to changes in project requirements, ensuring that we not only meet but consistently exceed expectations.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing more than just a conventional dispatch service. We offer a strategic staffing approach that aligns with the overarching success of each project. Rather than merely sending individuals, we propose a talent structure meticulously crafted to provide effective and expert support, enhancing the overall quality and success of the project. At DICO, we don't just dispatch personnel; we architect talent solutions for unparalleled project excellence.

At DICO, each team member is a repository of skills and expertise, guaranteeing the deployment of the right talent tailored to the size and demands of every project.

Our distinguishing factor lies in the flexibility and agility we bring to meet the ever-evolving needs of projects. DICO's services shine through with adaptability that ensures project success.

DICO acknowledges the rapid changes that can occur in the fast-paced entertainment industry. With our insourcing, dispatch, and expert staffing services, you can adeptly navigate these fluctuations while upholding unwavering standards of quality and innovation.

Consider DICO your dedicated partner, empowering you to triumph and providing the support needed to reach your project objectives.

More than a mere staffing solution, DICO is your strategic ally, ensuring precise, efficient, and expert execution of projects. We go beyond staffing to become a key contributor to your project's success.

Programmers, technical developers, systems engineers (familiar with both Unity and Unreal Engine), etc.
3D designers, concept artists, 2D and 3D motion graphic designers, modelers, effect creators, riggers, etc.
Game designers, level designers, narrative designers, writers, etc.
Localization directors, translators, testing and LQA staff, etc.
International producers, project managers, international sales experts, etc.
And More!
Case Study
Large consumer RPG
Platform Windows PS4 Switch
DICO programmer joins development of English version of AAA title consumer game with over 5 million registered IDs

Large RPG for smartphones
Platform iPhone Android
We are still dispatching various personnel to the smartphone version of a major 3D RPG title as it moves from the planning stage to management. From planning to development, we dispatched a director, programmer, and scenario planner.
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