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High-Quality Localization Services to Expand Global Reach

Expand your global reach with DICO's comprehensive localization expertise. We transcend traditional translation, offering a complete suite of localization services, including voiceover, and Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA).

Our commitment extends beyond mere regional coverage and language translation. We believe in providing comprehensive quality localization, utilizing a team proficient in each language, possessing a deep understanding of nuances and cultures. This approach ensures a faithful translation that captures the subtle intricacies in target language translations

Our high-quality localization, marked by meticulous attention to detail, is designed to craft a gaming experience that resonates with players worldwide.

DICO goes the extra mile to create games that transcend language barriers, fostering global engagement and success. We're not just localizing games; we're expanding your global presence, one language at a time.

Translation serves as the foundational element of DICO's localization services, aiming to capture the essence and nuances of game content across all languages. Experienced native staff are employed to ensure not only accurate word translations but also the conveyance of emotions and cultural subtleties.
Carefully selected talented voice actors are utilized to breathe life into characters, enhancing the gaming experience and allowing players to immerse themselves in the gaming world in their preferred language. The emphasis is on creating a dynamic and engaging experience.
LQA (Language Quality Assurance)
LQA involves a thorough review of localized content to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and cultural relevance, providing a seamless gaming experience for players across different geographies. The LQA process signifies the commitment to delivering high-quality localized content by ensuring linguistic accuracy and cultural alignment.
The consulting service offers powerful solutions combining expertise and experience to address business challenges and foster breakthrough growth. DICO provides strategic guidance and solutions, leveraging its knowledge and proficiency to help clients navigate complex business scenarios.
Subtitling involves innovative tools to distribute video content globally, overcoming language barriers and expanding the reach of the message. DICO employs modern subtitling tools to ensure effective communication and engagement with diverse audiences.
Target Regional Market Research
The service focuses on thorough analysis of target markets and the development of robust go-to-market strategies, efficiently approaching optimal targets for successful market entry. DICO acts as a compass, guiding clients through market research and strategy formulation to ensure effective market penetration and success.

Expand your Global Reach with DICO's Comprehensive Localization Expertise

At DICO, we specialize in providing complete localization services that extend beyond translation. Our commitment to helping you adapt your games for different regions and languages reflects our dedication to expanding your global reach.

Our comprehensive localization package includes translation, voice-over dubbing, and meticulous linguistic quality assurance (LQA). We understand that making your game resonate with diverse audiences worldwide demands care and attention that goes beyond the surface.

Translation is the foundation of our localization service, and we take it a step further by ensuring that the essence and nuances of your game's content are preserved in every language. Our team of experienced linguists works diligently to deliver translations that convey the words and capture the emotions and cultural nuances behind them.

Voice-over dubbing adds a dynamic dimension to the gaming experience. We handpick talented voice actors who can breathe life into your characters, ensuring that players worldwide can engage with the game in their preferred language.

However, our commitment to quality doesn't stop there. Linguistic quality assurance (LQA) is the final touch in our localization process. We meticulously review in-context, localized content to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and cultural relevance, providing a seamless gaming experience for players in different regions.

With our full localization services, we go the extra mile to ensure that your game resonates with diverse audiences across the world.

By adapting your game for different languages and regions, we create opportunities for global success and player engagement.

Let us be your partners in breaking language barriers and bringing your game to a worldwide audience.

We're not just localizing games but expanding your global presence, one language at a time.

Supported Languages
We support more than 50 language combinations targetting 70+ countries, our main languages being English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.
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