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Take Your Game Development to the Next Level
DICO is more than just a game development provider. As a partner in making your game's vision a reality, we do comprehensive development work that covers all phases, from programming and coding to game design. The development team's strength is its ability to develop robust code, implement the latest features, and create engaging game mechanics, whether it's shaping new concepts or improving existing projects.
We will continue to provide high-quality deliverables.
To achieve this, DICO has a business unit that brings together experts from various fields to enable balanced development that creates an excellent gaming experience.
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Case Study
Platform Nintendo Switch
Release August 25, 2022
♪ x (◇ + ◇ + ◇ + ◇) = °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Gleaming visuals and exquisite music respond and evolve as you play! Mixolumia brings you a fresh puzzle game experience! Fascinating visual effects, a variety of game modes, and customizable gameplay and styles to adjust the game as you like!
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