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2023-06-15 Production
Interview by about the development of Sword of Vagrant

In connection with the development of the port of this game, we received an interview from about DICO Co., Ltd.'s localization and publishing.

In the interview, the company president, Emilio Gallego, talks about the company's origins, culture, and localization strengths. The publishing division manager, Jose Gallego, also talks a little about the development of MoonGlass (the company's publishing brand).

In addition to the charm of this work, they recommend playing Sword of Vagrant. If you are interested in this work or the interview, please access the link below! (In Japanese only)

■ Interview: Sword of the Vagrant shows how DICO, a development and localization company, values communication. Interview with a key person on the company's path

Author: Yoichi Furuya


■ Sword of the Vagrant

Genre: Action RPG

Publisher: Rainy Frog Inc.

Platform :Nintendo Switch/PlayStation 4/Xbox One download

PlayStation 5 version will be released in 2023

Age rating:CERO C

Scheduled distribution date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday)

Price: 1,000 yen (including tax)




Official site:

Developer: O.T.K Games、DICO株式会社

© 2018-2022 Beijing Baise LLC Console versions by DICO Co., Ltd. Licensed to and published by Rainy Frog Co. Ltd.

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