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2023-12-15 Announcements
DICO Website Reborn

About 10 years after its last major update, our new website is finally open!

Our website has been reborn! The old website has been loved by everyone for about 10 years, but as the times have changed, our company has also undergone major changes. In particular, in recent years, we have undergone rapid evolution and have actively developed new services and initiatives.

Therefore, we have decided to completely renew the website. The vivid and colorful design expresses our company's vitality to the fullest. It has been reborn in a completely new form, as if it had shed its skin.

Of course, it's not just about the looks. We have also significantly enriched the core content of the site. In the future, news and the latest information will be continuously updated, and we will strive to always provide fresh information to everyone.

However, as it is still in the launch phase, please let us know of any concerns or requests you may have. We will evolve the site based on your opinions, such as adding new features and expanding content.

It is possible that we may need a small "shedding" within the site operation. In that case, we will respond quickly and strive to improve, so we ask for your understanding and support.

Now, please enjoy our reborn website from top to bottom! We will continue to strive to meet your expectations.

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